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Our Mission is Simple: Make Premium CBD Products to Suit your Lifestyle

Manufactured in U.S.A, Organically Grown, 99% CBD, 3rd Party Lab Tested, Minority Owned, Veteran Owned


What is CBD?

Educate yourself before you invest into CBD. Find out why cannabinoids are useful for your well-being. We will go into deep science on how it works with the body and how you should dose with CBD!

CBD 101

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Dream Collection

Let your mind and body unwind as you get lost in deep relaxation. Your senses will be submerged in the calming scents and beautiful shades of lavendar to promote a great nights sleep.

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Awaken Collection

Awaken your mind, body, and spirit as you jumpstart your day. Your mind and body will be revitalized by the most carefully selected oils to promote energy and focus.

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Tranquil Collection

Ease your mind and spirit in luxurious crystal blue waters. Calming fragrances of chamomile and lavender come together to promote the relief of stress, and anxiety to help stabilize your mood as well as relax your body.

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Soothe Collection

Soothe your aches and pains as you submerge your body in a pool of relief. Your aching joints and muscles will be immersed in the most carefully selected oils to promote pain relief.

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Amour Collection

Excite your senses in a warm bath of enticing pink colors and scents of love. Our seductive blend of essential oils relaxes your mind and body allowing you to slip into a more sensual headspace.

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Vigor Collection

 Renew your mind, body, and spirit as you soak in our opulent blend of essential oils. Submerse yourself in cool green waters to unwind and release the feeling of tiredness.

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