✨“DREAM” Tea Baths 🍃🛀🏽 ✨

✨“DREAM” Tea Baths 🍃🛀🏽 ✨

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  Is falling asleep a difficult task for you? Maybe your issue is with staying asleep.. Like millions of us you may suffer from insomnia, and finding a remedy or routine that works for you may seem impossible. Getting the adequate amount of sleep helps keep your mind and body healthy and ✨COI Herbal Solutions ✨ believes you deserve a great nights sleep! 

  So Let your mind and body unwind and get lost in a deep state of relaxation. Your senses will be submerged in the calming scents and hues of lavender that promote healthy sleeping patterns. 🛏

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cannabidiol(CBD), Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, MCT Oil, Cream of Tartar, Essential Oils, Fragrances.